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Reporting Process

Our Proprietary Risk Management system enables us to interface with any Fund Administrator, receive the data in any format, customise reporting to your specific needs and give you online access.

Large Analytical Tool Box
In addition to third-party risk model providers, we have an extensive analytical tool box, including a library of exotic pricers and a PERE (Private Equity Real Estate) tool. We are able to cover 250 security types.
  • Gap Analysis, Set up of a Risk Management Process, Drafting of the Risk Profile
  • Regulatory and Compliance Advisory services
  • Trainings for staff and senior management, including Board of Directors
  • Model Selection and Validation
Permanent Risk Function
The Permanent Risk function embodied by Arkus, is supported by Arkus’ Risk Analysts, reports to senior management and works in collaboration with the Investment Manager. As Permanent Risk Function, Arkus will be responsible for the reporting on adequacy between the current profile and the anticipated risk profile. It will ensure the overall efficiency of the Risk Model Process deployed and will advise the BOD when modifications to the risk profile are required.

Risk Management Consulting Services
The creation of a Risk Management Process and the related Risk Profiles of your portfolios can be a complex and time consuming procedure considering the continuous regulatory changes. At Arkus we can assist you in that process by putting at your disposal the necessary expert resources. Our consulting services consist of: