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End to end Reporting Solution
With the AIFMD, Fund Managers need to comply with stringent reporting requirements. Arkus offers its clients an end to end AIFMD reporting solution. Our thorough experience in data management enables us to connect with all the stakeholders in order to collect the required data. We calculate most of the risk numbers, including the most sophisticated ones:
Market Risk Profile
Drafting or Revision of Risk Profile & RMP – IRR – Net Equity Delta – Net DV01 – Net CS01
Counterparty Risk Profile
Counterparty Report
Liquidity Risk Profile
Liquidity Report
Borrowing & Exposure Risk
Leverage (Gross Method, Commitment Method)
Stress Testing
Risk Scorecard
Operational Risk
Risk Assessment Profiling & Reporting Tool

We are partnering with an industry leader in reporting technology to offer our clients a comprehensive solution, including the filing of the generated reports with the relevant regulators.

Risk Management for Private Equity & Real Estate
Quantitative Approach
Due to the complex nature of PERE, the standard risk models are not applicable. Arkus has deployed an approach addressing the characteristics of this particular asset class. It starts with structured analysis of realized and projected cash-flows and exposure.
For these AIFs, it is important to understand the underlying assets as risk needs to be monitored across the whole investment value chain. In addition to its methodology, systems and processes Arkus completes its AIFMD service offering by working with PERE experts.