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Beyond box-ticking, a new era for Risk Based Governance

Arkus Financial Services has developed integrated governance services based on the notion of risk identification and mitigation with the required degree of independence.

How we help our Independent Directors perform at their best

In an era of increased complexity and uncertain business environment, Independent Directors have to possess exceptional business acumen and devote a substantial amount of time and energy to their mandates. They are required to do more within the same allocated time. To perform at their best, they need the support of a strong platform.

Qualified Staff and Systems
Through the years Arkus has invested in selecting and improving talent. This investment has paid off as we now have a stable and committed team, backed and trained by Asset Management veterans. Solid procedures, a traffic light reporting system and enthusiasm about what we do allow us to respond to our Directors’ needs and help them add value to their mandates.
Interactive Dashboard
Through our cloud based CRM platform we are able to provide our Directors with an Interactive Dashboard allowing them to monitor their activities from wherever they are. The Dashboard provides them with useful information on their mandates such as reports they need to prepare for a board meeting, documents pending signature, meetings and other client information.