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Over the past years, the industry faced huge regulatory changes that needed to be implemented in a short time frame. The regulatory environment has become more and more complex over the years and is bound to get even more complex in the years to come.

Aligning regulatory requirements and best practice can appear daunting. Too often compliance reports appear tedious or irrelevant. Our approach to a concrete and practical compliance function is based on two fundamental convictions:

  • We believe that regulation follows best practice on a principle or on a prescriptive basis.
  • We also believe that the focus of the compliance function has to be oriented with the criticality rankings resulting from the risk profiling exercise.

As a result our compliance officers can help you comply not only with regulation, by assessing the impact and analysing risks specific to your operations, but also with best practice in order to anticipate upcoming changes.


Our service offering is articulated around a Compliance Charter adapted to our clients’ specificities.

Regulatory watch
Your dedicated compliance officer will monitor any new regulation and provide you with a synthetic analysis which will pave the way for its implementation.
Compliance dashboard
Your compliance officer will lay out an annual compliance plan and its calendar of controls. The compliance assessments will ensure statutory, best practices and legal/regulatory compliance.

• Gap analysis regarding contractual framework

Further to our preliminary analysis, a gap analysis report will be issued to list all agreements in place and make sure that every aspect is covered. An on-going follow up will also be done.
• Respect of applicable circulars and policies

On-going checks will be done in order to be sure that any applicable circulars and policies are implemented and respected.
• Follow-up of regulatory reporting

A dashboard will be established in order to make sure that all regulatory reporting is done and filed in time. This dashboard is coupled to an alert system.