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Re-domiciling or launching new funds across Europe in 2020?

Fund managers: in light of the recent election result, are you considering re-domiciling or launching new funds across Europe in 2020?

Following the decisive election victory for the Conservatives, we try to take an informed look into what 2020 might entail for the asset management sector in the UK and across Europe. Despite over three years of uncertainty across the sector, there are signs that political stability and renewed investor confidence may be on the horizon, perhaps acting as motivation for investment managers to raise capital through new fund launches or helping to grow their existing collective investment schemes. Just recently, the Investment Association, the trade body for UK asset managers, urged the Prime Minister to overhaul the regulatory framework for the investment sector, seeking to ensure that the UK retains its position as the leading European hub for financial services. Despite the unpredictability, and a certain lack of trust in UK politicians, greater overall investor commitment could spark a period for better things to come in 2020 – economic struggles in other leading European economies such as Germany and Italy may actually play to the UK’s advantage.

UK asset managers, now with the certainty of which government is in power, will look towards refining their post-Brexit strategies as soon as possible. Asset managers electing to launch new funds will look at efficient processes and vendor support in bringing their funds to market. At Arkus, we specialise in independent investment risk reporting and compliance for asset managers across Europe. We can set up a fund and have it fully compliant within a couple of weeks rather than months and we take care of all the daily data processing at a lower cost than doing it in-house. We have all the risk models and compliance rules already set up in our system, so it makes things a lot easier to implement and you can make sure you are up to date with the regulatory requirements. Whether you are re-domiciling existing funds or launching new ones, Arkus’ ready-made risk and compliance set-up solution can support you in the process.